Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring Break


We depart for Orlando on Friday evening. We are breaking the drive up into two days so the guys will have a lot of bonding time.

We are going to Orlando instead of Hilton Head this year because we have the opportunity to play more matches. We are going to play 5 matches while in Florida. Our first opponent is Cornell College from Iowa. We play them on Sunday afternoon. We play 3 team from Minnesota on this trip. Saint Mary’s, Hamline, and St. Thomas are all members of the same conference. We played St. Thomas last year and are looking forward to a rematch. Our other match is against Division 1 Stetson University. This should be a good experience for our guys as we are playing at Stetson under the lights.

This series of matches will be great for us as we get our injured players back into the lineup and prepare for conference matches.

"One thing cycling taught me was that if you can achieve something without a struggle it's not going to be satisfying."

-- Greg Lemond

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy Saint Paddy's Day

We have had an eventful time since my last post. The team had a great time with family and faculty friends during our parents' weekend, but had rough results in the two matches that day. We are dealing with some injuries right now and bounced back from those losses with an excellent 9-0 win. The guys have stepped up to the challenge of "playing up" while others are injured and we are getting better every day.

In the process of getting better, I have the team ask themselves 2 questions every day. What have I done to get better today? What have I done to help a teammate get better today? These two questions drive our preparation.

We are getting ready for our final match before spring break and it is going well. The guys are breaking through barriers that at one point were out of reach and the injured are beginning to practice some again. Midterms are next week so we have no matches and will take at least one day off during the week and do some light practices because the trip to Orlando is full of matches. I'll preview our spring break matches next week.

"All progress requires change. But not all change is progress."
- John Wooden

Friday, March 5, 2010

Parents' Weekend Is Here!!

Tomorrow our team has the opportunity to play in front of the largest group of parents we usually get at any single match. We have a number of parents who are coming in this weekend to supplement the normal attendance of the Lefflers (thank you for coming to all our home and some road matches too)! We begin with Hope at 8:30 and then play Grove City with a scheduled start time of 3:30. Between the matches the team is going to have a lunch with the parents and a number of faculty that have accepted invitations to join us.

"It's like an orchestra with many different instruments working to make one grand piece of music. Each player plays his own way, but only if it conforms to the larger objective."
-Lou Lamoriello