Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bouncing Back

We had a tough match this past Sunday morning. Wabash came into town and handed us our first loss of the spring. It was a 2-7 result but we did have some positives come out of the match. Logan and Eliot are continuing to play well together. Joe and Sam were points away from giving us a 2-1 lead after doubles but fell just short. Logan is also playing very well in singles, getting his 2nd win at the #1 spot in as many matches this spring.

We have Heidelberg this Saturday. The team is nursing a few nicks right now but looking ready to get us back on the winning path.

"You play to win the game. You don't play to just play it. That's the great thing about sports"
-Herm Edwards

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Spring Starts

Match #1 is in the books and the men's tennis team is 1-0 in the spring. It was really nice to beat Malone because we not only got the spring off to a good start, but we avenged losses of the last 2 years.

The match started off well with the team of Eliot Heaton and Logan Chun demolishing their opponents at #3 doubles by a score of 8-0. Juniors Joe Leffler and Sam Towne followed this with a win of their own at #2 doubles (8-6). Ben Turchin and Charlie Marks had their chances at #1 but fell in a tiebreaker to make our lead 2-1 after doubles.

In singles we started well, but Malone didn't roll over for us. The guys had to fight for almost every court. Eventually we won the 1, 4, 5, and 6 spots with Joe Leffler capturing the clinching point at #5 in dominating fashion (6-1, 6-0). The final score - Oberlin 6 Malone 3

We are working hard this week taking what we learned from the Malone match and use that this week when we take on NCAC west opponent Wabash. I expect a tough match from the little giants, but feel that if we come out with confidence and energy we'll be able to come out with another win.

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"Practice does not make the athlete. It is the quality and intensity of practice that makes the athlete, not just repeated practicing."
- Ray Meyer, long-time DePaul basketball coach

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Winter Term 2011

Campus is quiet right now as our students take advantage of our Winter Term to do independent study projects. They pursue these on or off campus and the tennis team is no different in that some of our guys are here while others are away. It is always interesting for me to ask the guys what they are doing every year and this year is interesting once again. Here is the breakdown –

Eliot went with the Oberlin Orchestra to China and will be spending the rest of the month on campus preparing for auditions.

Joe is on-campus working in Professor Braford’s neuroscience lab working on research studying neural growth as influenced by caloric restriction.

Sam is also on campus working with Oberlin High School students on their college search process through the Ninde Scholars program.

Billy is in Shanghai, China interning at an IT company.

Ben is interning at the Houston Animal Hospital.

Our three freshmen all went to their respective homes this winter term for their projects.

Charlie is in Cleveland doing an internship with a company helping plan a big event for the end of the month.

Logan is at home in Hawaii volunteering at a hospital blood bank.

And last but not least, Alex is home in southern California doing an internship at a law firm.

As you can see, our guys have very different interests and have gone all over the country (and beyond) for Winter Term. We start practice February 1st and are looking forward to the spring season.